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Church ministries work collaboratively and collectively in building up the body of Christ.  Under the leadership of the Pastor and with support from ministry leaders working together to help each other, stronger relationships and fellowship can be built within the body, and consequently, more success in meeting the goals and mission of the church.

                                                                  Deacon & Trustees
Deacons Ministry   Alphonso Robertson, Chairperson
Deacons Ministry Calvin Hadley,  Vice  Chair
Trustee Ministry Steve Shaw, Chairperson
Trustee Ministry  Melissa McAllister, Vice Chair
                                                            Education Ministry
Bible Study Wednesday  (6:30 p.m.) Christian Education Advisory
Bible Study Wednesday   (noon) Christian Education Advisory
Sunday School Joseph Johnson, Superintendent
Children’s Church Jennifer Kelly, Coordinator
Youth Fellowship Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Christian Education Advisory
                                                            Fellowship Ministries
Missionary Department  Deborah Baker
Outreach/Evangelism Ministry  Alison McNeil White
Layman League Deacon Calvin Hadley, Chair
Married Couples Ministry Deidre Hadley
Health  & Wellness Ministries  Rev. Adrienne Monroe
                                                          Church Support Ministries
Black Heritage Ministry  Rosalyn Wilson, Chair
Food Services Ministry Flora Hadley, Chair
Usher’s Ministry Willie M. Artis, President
Hospitality Callie Graham 
                                                                 Out Reach Ministries
The Voice Newsletter Ellen McNeill
Praise Dance Ministry Ligeia Robinson, Advisor/Coach
Music Ministry Kendrick Hadley, Organist 
Young Adult Rev Rosaland Loyd, Advisor
Youth Department Alison White, Director
Health Ministry Rev. Adrienne Monroe
                                                                          Church Staff
Administrative Assistant Belinda McLeod
Christian Education Director Rev Mary Owens 
Church Clerk Callie Graham
Assistant Church Clerk Kim Hadley
Treasurer Regena McLaughlin
Assistant Treasurer Marie Daniel
Financial Secretary Wilhemina Robertson
Assistant Financial Secretary Shanise Hadley
CRC Coordinator  Sandra Lambert





We now broadcast our Sunday Worship service on Facebook and YouTube.  We can be found by searching” Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church”.  There you will be able to keep in touch with “The Mount”.  We broadcast every Sunday starting at 10am.  

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